Gillian is a prize-winning author and illustrator who has published over 35 books for children and adults. Her work has been translated into eight languages.

A qualified teacher, and former Canadian national-team speed skater, she has taught English literature, creative writing, English as a Second Language, drawing and writing children’s books, illustration, as well as swimming, speed skating, canoeing and boating safety.

Her most recent book, Simon and Rosie, created during the 2020 lockdown, is a thank you to the NHS as well as frontline workers worldwide. It is also a tribute to Gillian’s father and sister, both doctors. Having served on the Atlantic convoys in WW2, Gillian’s father was a doctor as well an elected political reformer in Canada who helped implement Medicare in Manitoba. He helped establish a free and universal polio vaccination program and administered one of the first free polio vaccines in the province.

Gillian lives in Wiltshire with her husband, writer Nicholas Shakespeare, and two sons.