Thora (2003)
Thora and The Green Sea Unicorn (2005)
Thora and The Incredible Crystals (2007)

Reviews for Thora

Johnson’s writing is witty and inventive, and the character of Thora, with her quirky logic, unusual skills and capacity to bring out the best in other children while putting bad adults properly in their place, is full of unexpectedness. The Sunday Times UK
I loved Thora. Gillian Johnson is a clever and entertaining writer. David Almond
A whale of a tale, a delectable confection, The Globe and Mail
This is a frothy, boisterous take of insurrection that fans of Roald Dahl will find familiar and welcoming. Bulletin for the Centre of Children’s Books [US]
With a light touch, this entertaining fantasy will charm children who like their magic with its feet on the ground. ALA Booklist
The Nose from Jupiter, R Scrimger
A Nose for Adventure, R. Scrimger (2002)
Noses are Red, R. Scrimger (2002)
The Boy From Earth, R. Scrimger, (2004)
Melonhead, K. Kelly (2010)
Melonhead and the Big Stink, K Kelly (2011)

Melonhead and the Undercover Operation, K Kelly (2012)
Melonhead and the Vegalicious Disaster, K Kelly (2013)
Melonhead and the We-Fix-It Company, K Kelly (2014)
Melonhead and the Later Gator Plan, K Kelly (2016)
Lucy Rose: Here’s The Thing About Me, K Kelly (2006 reissued 2012) (missing)
Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Can’t Believe, K Kelly (2007 reissued 2012)
Lucy Rose: Working Myself to Pieces and Bit, K Kelly (2008 reissued 2012)
Opal Moonbaby M Smith (2012)
How to Draw Everything (2015)
My Holiday Drawing Book (2018)